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We carry a varied selection of Hand Tools from a number of reputable brands such as Stanley, Irwin, Bahco and Silverline. We can get any tool from these makers and most any other Brands. Here are a few Examples:




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Stanley FatMax Anti-Vibe Rip Claw Hammer 20.oz

sampleHammerStanleyHardware.jpgAll steel ripping claw hammer with the following features:
Tuning Fork damping system for reduced vibration.
Maximum comfort grip.(Dynagrip Pro)
Crack Free head.
Larger striking face.

Weight: 20oz

All steel one piece (Anti-Vibe)




Stanley FatMax® XL Tape Rule 8m/26ft

sampleTapeStanleyHardware.jpgHuge standout of almost 4m
The 32mm wide blade will stand out and support itself to nearly 4m, which makes measuring up on your own much easier

10 x more abrasion resistance
Mylar coating on the entire length of the blade protects the markings from wear and is especially useful if you get sand or dirt on the blade. The Mylar coating makes the blade 10 times more resistant to abrasion

BladeArmor protection for 2 x longer blade life
Unique plastic coating protects the first 15cm, where the tape suffers most wear and tear

Chrome case with rubber grip
Heavy-duty, slip-resistant casing with easy-grip rubber moulding

40% stronger hook construction
3 rivet hook gives extra strength and prevents breakage on rewind

Specially designed hook
Hook grabs on the side, top and bottom of hook for extra versatility. Plus, the hook moves in or out to compensate for internal and external measurements

Top forward blade lock
For reliable locking and unlocking with a really positive feel

Easy read numbers
Wide blade allows quicker, easier reading measurement

8 Meter / 26ft Length


Irwin Marples MS500 Soft Touch Bevel Edge Chisel Set 5 Wallet

sampleChiselsIrwinHardware.jpgMetal striking cap allows use with a hammer, prolongs the life of the handle and prevents mushrooming.

The soft touch handles are oil and water resistant to prevent slippage and to give improved comfort even during prolonged use. The handle design also reduces vibrations and reduces hand fatigue.

One piece blade forging gives added strength and durability.

Special tool steel ensures a much sharper cutting edge for quicker and easier operation.

A special hardening process gives the blade a longer lasting edge - less time spent re-sharpening.

The blade is hardened to the last inch giving more working chisel for your money.

Every chisel is honed and sharpened ready for use out of the packet - to save you time and effort.

Type: Bevel edge.

Contains: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1in. Walleted



Irwin Strait-Line 24" Magnetic Box Beam Level

sampleLevelIrwinHardware.jpgDesigned for accuracy and durability
Level resists warping, twisting, or bending
Premium-grade aluminum offers unrivaled strength
Vials will never break, fade, fog, leak or develop static charge
Guaranteed to remain accurate, even after 2-story drop or 50° temperature change
Includes PlumbSite™ vial
Luminous backing for easier read in low light
Powerful rare-earth magnets lets you hang level from steel studs or beams
Calibrate vials in seconds with simple turn of a Hex key or Philips screwdriver
Accessories let you work smarter




Bahco 244-20-U7/8-HP Handsaw 20in

sampleSawBahcoHardware.jpgA Universal tooth with high frequency hardened teeth giving up to five times the life of conventional teeth.

Fast efficient cross cut and rip performance including chipboard, hardboard and hardwood.

Screwed plastic handle.

Teeth 7/8 TPI Hardpoint.




Bahco 10-30-51 Bowsaw 30in

sampleBowBahcoHardware.jpgA lightweight yet heavy duty bow saw for all round use.
The integrated, ergonomic handle with its built in hand guard protects your knuckles.
A unique mechanism in the handle makes blade changing and tensioning adjustments effortless. The sturdy blade fittings and high blade tension make precision cutting easier than ever before.

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