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After a few months of construction work, we are  proud to tell you that we now have our own, in house, timber painting facility, fully operational, with some very impressive results.

Think about the benefits of pre-lacquered doors, pre-painted skirtings and facings, pre-primed joinery components, Fire Retardant treatment.


Pre-priming, Lacquering, Painting Services.

We are proud to announce the opening of our brand new, bespoke, painting booth: this allows us offer even more time/labour saving options to our customers ….. we can now provide Pre-priming, Lacquering, Matt Painting, Gloss Painting and Fire Retardant (FR) coatings.

Why not give us a try; take the hassle out of all that monotonous finishing work! And, as usual, Timber & Plywood Services will give you an exceptionally quick turnaround at very reasonable prices.

We’ve just about completed the final phase of some Clear FR Coated Decorative Oak Panels for the Glasgow Airport remodelling project and they look stunning!

We have also just completed the manufacture and pre-finishing of “Booth Separation Panels” for the Riverside Inn at Crosslee.

We are also, pre-finishing (amongst other things) a lot of doors, both for some of our trade partners and indeed (increasingly), for our retail customers as they become more aware of the benefits of this labour saving service.

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