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We offer a wide range of Sheet Materials including Plywood; Far Eastern, Veneered and Marine Grade. MDF; Standard, and Moisture/Fire Resistant. Chipboard, including Loft Flooring. OSB Sterling Board; Internal and External Grades. We also carry a large selection of other sheeting including Hardboard, Flexible Plywood/MDF, Plastic coated Mesh Faced Plywood and Melamine Faced Chipboard.

We offer a full range of Insulation Products as well including, Plasterboard/Gyproc; Standard, Moisture/Fire Resistant and Foil Faced, Kingspan and Equivalents , Polystyrene/Jablite as well as Fibreglass loft/cavity Insulation.

Our Experienced Sales Team can help you work out and plan all your needs if you have an idea of a style and a few sizes, and can help you to make informed decisions.

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