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A hollow core composite decking system, Q-Deck® Twinson® is made from wood and PVC giving you the advantage of technology whilst still maintaining some natural material and feel. If you are looking for a more uniform and colourfast* look that is very easy to clean and virtually maintenance free then Q-Deck® Twinson® is an alternative to solid timber.


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The Q-Deck Twinson Range

Twinson deckboards are 4.5m long. 

Key Features:

• Easy to keep clean.
• Less prone to algae growth - less slippery in wet conditions.
• Technology provides colourfast* looks in 4 shades.
• Highly water resistant and durable.
• Free from splitting and distortion.
• Concealed and easy to use fixing system.
• Low maintenance.
• Easy to process and cut using standard woodworking tools
• 25 year manufacturers product warranty

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Twinson Deckboard Apricot
Brown – 4.5m Ex-stock
6.0m to Order
Twinson Deckboard Olive
Green– 4.5m Ex-Stock
6.0m to Order
Twinson Deckboard Riverstone
Grey – 4.5m / 6.0m
(To order only)
Twinson Deckboard Bark
Brown – 4.5m / 6.0m
(To order only)


Twinson Starter Trim
– 3.0m
Twinson Fixing Bracket
– 100 per box (without screws)




Download more information – Fitting Twinson

Q-Deck® Twinson® decking can be fitted to a standard timber deck sub-frame. For flat and uniform surfaces (roof terraces and the like) the Twinson® ground batten is a sub-frame option but special screws must be used to fit the Twinson brackets to it. Twinson plinth can be used to finish the vertical edge of a deck built on Twinson ground batten.

Twinson Plinth - 6.0m (to order only)
Twinson Ground Batten – 6.0m (to order only)

Download more information – Twinson decking system

*The grooved side of twinson boards appears striped (the base of the groove is a darker shade initially) when new but becomes one uniform shade of colour after exposure to ultra-violet light i.e. the striped appearance is not permanent

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