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There are 2 quality designs of decking boards with enhanced grip characteristics within the Q-Deck range, Q-Grip York and Q-Grip Canterbury. These deckboards are ideal for slip sensitive areas on domestic decks such as steps, outdoor smoking areas and public places such as pub’s and restaurants. Both Q-Grip boards are tested to BS7976 parts 1 & 2 and provide a 'low potential for slip' under classifications set out by the UK Slip Resistant Group. A new product for 2008 are pre-cut slip resistant step treads in both York and Canterbury style Q-Grip decking; providing yet another quick and easy product solution for steps or even walkways/boardwalks.



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York Anti-Slip Decking

Q-Grip York Style UC3
33mm x 120mm
This slip resistant Deck board is used smooth side uppermost. This suits commercial applications as it is easier to keep clean and being of a thicker section meets commercial loading requirements more easily.
Canterbury Anti-Slip Decking
Q-Grip Canterbury Style UC3
27mm x 144mm
This slip resistant deck board is used grooved side uppermost. This suits a wide range of applications including slip sensitive areas on domestic decks such as steps.
York Anti-Slip Decking - Pre-cut Tread

Q-Grip York Style
Pre-cut step tread UC3

33mm x 120mm x 895mm

Canterbury Anti-Slip Decking - Pre-cut Tread


Q-Grip Canterbury Style
Pre-cut step tread UC3
27mm x 144mm x 895mm


Dimensions are for the finished size after machining, this changes after preservative treatment, see treatment for further details.
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You can identify genuine Q-GRIP® decking boards by the end stamp information.

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