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Private Merchant:   

  • High levels of assistance and service
  • Experienced, skilled and friendly sales staff   
  • Extensive knowledge base; happy to share it!
  • Accommodating and practical yard staff
  • Well thought out and user-friendly warehouse and yard
  • Mechanical handling facilities for ease of goods movement


  • Excellent collection facilities; speedy turn-round
  • 3 delivery vehicles; same/next day delivery service

Sawmilling: “Cut-to-size” service;

  • Bandsaw; circular saw; X-Cut saw; wallsaw
  • Timber moulding/machining; bespoke and specialist mouldings to your own specification.
  • Pauloni Spindle moulder; 6-head HS moulder

Other woodworking facilities:

  • Pillar drill; Overhead Pin-router; Morticer; etc

If you have any enquiries please contact us on :

0141 561 0311

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